Do you need help with public relations?

I've delivered press office and crisis response services for high-profile public sector bodies. As well as writing press releases and answering journalists' questions, my roles have included editing and writing for corporate in-house and business-to-business magazines.

All good communications though, starts with a good plan. I'm passionate about helping organisations improve the way they engage with their customers, media and stakeholders to better support their objectives.

I've introduced new ways of working which helped teams better plan and join up their communications to support their objectives. This involved developing strategic plans both at a corporate level and for individual projects, including identifying ways to measure success from the outset.

In doing this, I helped organisations tell compelling stories to better engage with their audiences. Having worked across the full range of communications disciplines I'm able to choose the best channels to best meet the needs of the audience.

If I can help, please get in touch.