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The joy of revolution: the enduring power of Man with a Movie Camera

A founder of the Kino-Eye philosophy, Vertov identified the opportunity offered by film to provide a new truth, one linked to Soviet ideology, which would bring “creative joy to all mechanical labour” and “men closer to machines”.

Film-maker Dziga Vertov rode the agit-trains during the Russian civil war, producing pro-Soviet propaganda films – agitki – to spread the Bolshevik message to the masses, and worked on a similar series of newsreels in Moscow.

Yet his crowning achievement, 1929’s rema

When Hollywood festive film Jingle Jangle came to Norwich's Elm Hill

When David E. Talbert wrote the script for Netflix’s festive musical extravaganza Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, he pictured a fictional, magical cobblestone town as the centrepiece of the film.

“Little did I know, this town already existed,” he said of Norwich where historic Elm Hill was transformed into the vibrant Victorian town of Cobbleton at the height of last summer.